Created by Tom Phillips

Inside Out v2.0

Another very good net map submitted today. We didn't have the time to get to it tonight but, you can tell just by the visual design of this thing that it is meant for high carnage. No sniper levels, no secrets, a great outside ring, so to speak and some great battles on the crosswalk. This is a update of a earlier map.

Villa Banzai v2.0

A conversion of one of the most beautiful M1 third-party levels ever created. This rendition is just as attractive as the original... and has the added attraction of real lava (instead of the simulated kind in M1). In fact, the biggest difference between the versions is the color scheme (the original was green, this one is brown). If you've got a fast enough machine, you HAVE to get this-that's all there is to it.

What Goes Up

A straightforward port of Bungie's M1 level. A pretty nice job-stays true to the play of the original, except that there are WAY too many invincibility powerups.

Reservoir Dogs

This is a pretty fun map... lots of switches change the flow through various sections... some areas are only accessible via water, some become inaccessible until a switch gets flipped again. Nice water effects. .

Inside Out

A small arena, with a passageway around it, and some nice transfer between the two.


Hope you like lava. (Lots of good stuff to find, if you look hard enough...)