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Arbitrary Map Points

With this download you get two programs. Add Arbitrary Map Points and Create Spiral Staircase. The AMP utility will add arbitrary points to a unmerged Marathon 2 map, and, Infinity map. It is highly recommended that you read the readme before using the utility. Doing so, should help tremendously. A pretty neat little utility!


A very large net level that at times reminded me of "Kill Your Television" form M-2. Some of the ideas in this map are very good, and along with the should have alot of carnage with this one. Some very tight walkways along with some pretty neat tricks...

Crowbar Specialist

Hmmm...Let me see if I can describe this map fast. A large, winding, mini-arenas, liquid forcefields, tight hallways, fast elevators, lots of BoBs pissed off at each other, net level. Supports a few modes.... Is built to enhance net play. A few neat ideas, texture choices were wierd at times, but with the fast turns and short sight lines, it begins to make sense.

Dr. Richards Ring

A medium sized net level that will absolutely drive you nuts trying to figure out the 5D space tricks. Built on the jjaro textures, this map would be ideal for 3 to 4 players. All modes are supported and try to remember that you are in space.


Another large net level from Matt Dolan. This is a smaller lava level then the Lava Lord. It supports all modes of netplay, and has a couple of shield recharge's that whould be first come first server! Visually some very nice choices with textures.(36K), and, I found some of the polys with aliens trapped inside. (monster impassable)

Lava Lord

From the title you can get the gist of this level. One small middle arena area, surrounded by connecting hallways that take some wide turns to wrap around the map. Visually nice at times, Supports alll modes, and qutie fast.

ResCompare 2.6

After many emails....I have decided to post this gem of a utility. Many have taken the ResCompare route for their shape patches....So here it is. If you need some useful info concerning this program....get it here.

The Temple of Apollo

Not much to say here! Another very fine level from Michael Coyle. This is a very large outdoor arena that is wrapped with a elevated walkway. Every possible angle seems to have been thought out with this one. The arena is flooded with water, (personally my one and only dislike), but, even with the media, you can tell that there has been some thought in this one. Very good flow, some very good light set and should support up to 4 players. Supports all modes and should be a great carnage shoot.

Paradise Theater 1.1

This is a one level solo map that is "not" you usual solo level. The author first sent this in around the first of July. At that time it was a large, very large net level. We went through the map and suggested that he convert it to a solo level. To sum up, it is now a solo map. It came in the second version with a shapes patch. But, after trying many times, I could never get the patch to work. Now in this version, it is just basically the level. This thing is so big, that it will take you some time to get through it. Some nice lighting effets, some good use of texture choices

Pfhriers Net Levels

Eleven total net levels, some made by the author and a couple that will jog your memory of some of Bungies favorites. Most of these have very strong light sets along with equally strong flow. Lots of net modes supported in these maps and I only found a couple of bugs.